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Thoughts from our alumni.

Why Alumni Participated in the Day of the Duel
(Please note that these quotes were collected from Muhlenberg’s online giving form during Day of the Duel.  If you’d like to add a quote, please fill in the Comments section on the form when you make your online gift.  If you would like to remove your quote from this web page, please contact Stacey Prohaska, Director of Communication and Donor Relations, at 484-663-3218 or


“My experience and education at Muhlenberg changed my life trajectory in a huge way. I met my current husband there and never would have considered a theatre major if it weren't for Charlie Richter [Director of Theatre].”  Carrie Campbell ’91

"My husband and I met at Muhlenberg and have wonderful memories of our time there. My best times were living at the Alpha Chi house and the wonderful friends we made and continue to see today. My daughter is a rising sophomore in high school and I would be thrilled for her to continue our Muhlenberg legacy." 
Tamara Marzulli Krikorian '91

“I met my husband at Muhlenberg and I'm a fundraiser for a non-profit, and I thought your ‘phone tree’ was very nice! It inspired me to give.” Elizabeth Lean ’98 (Gift in Honor of David Lean ’96)


“Muhlenberg College was hands down the best 4 years of my life. I hope my contribution can help someone else have just as great of an experience!” Brittany Barton ’09  

“After just concluding a graduate degree program I am all the more appreciative for the quality education and meaningful relationships that shaped my experience at ’Berg and that continue to be part of me today.”  Ira Blum ’10

“The things I've learned at Muhlenberg both inside and outside of the classroom continually help me in my life today, and for that I am truly grateful.” Jason Bonder ’07

“I only have great memories from the time I spent at Muhlenberg. It served as a wonderful environment during an important time in my life. I continue to put the life, social and academic lessons I learned there into practice today. I couldn't have chosen a better place to spend my four college years.” Megan Chin ’03

"My husband and I love the experiences that Muhlenberg College gave us. We especially value the time we spent working at the Writing Center learning from the amazing staff and fellow tutors there." 
Nora Harkness Kelly '11

"I loved going to Muhlenberg, and I loved working as an RA, and helping with Phonathon for the Development Office. I have many fond memories of my time there and I wanted to try to meet our Duel of the Decades goal."  Kelly Love '07

“My experience at Muhlenberg was, in a nut shell, the best and most memorial four years of my life.  The lessons I learned and the experiences I had, both inside the classroom and outside, are lessons I will carry with me for the rest of my life.  The friendships I made there are unbreakable, and the memories will always remain in the forefront of my mind!”  Angelica Pavone ’09

“I am almost coming up on my 10-year graduation reunion already – and I still think about my wonderful Muhlenberg experience every day. I participated in the Study Abroad program which changed my life. I hope supporting The Muhlenberg Fund will either help sustain this outstanding program, or could further help sponsor a student to participate and travel abroad.” Jennifer Pelton ’05

“Muhlenberg laid the foundation for many of my successes and lessons learned both in and out of the classroom continue to inspire me to strive for excellence in both my personal and professional life. Having completed further education after Muhlenberg as well as listening to the undergraduate experiences of my friends, I can undoubtedly say that the caliber of education, community and caring at Muhlenberg is unparalleled.  My hope is that my gift will be play a part in helping current and future students share in this unique place and the successes that follow.” Thomas Pfeiffer ’07

“I had the best years of my life at Muhlenberg. I met the most wonderful people and the incredible community that welcomed me permanently impacted my life. I am now pursuing a Master of Arts in Higher and Postsecondary Education at Teachers College, Columbia University but I will always be a Mule first.”  Sarah Rosenthal ’10 (Gift in Honor of Patti Mittleman, Director of Hillel and Jewish Chaplain)

"I absolutely loved my time at Muhlenberg.  So much of who I am today came from everything I learned inside and out of the classroom.  I could not have asked for a better college to challenge me and help me grow into the person I am today.  I will always hold the relationships I made at Muhlenberg in high regards and I love every memory I have from the 'Berg."  Vanessa Rowan '08

“The opportunities that Muhlenberg afforded me as a student leader had a great influence on my life and career.  My time at Muhlenberg created the foundation for my successes and gave me a greater appreciation for community and relationship building.  Tom Mendham played a large role in shaping my leadership abilities and his impact on Muhlenberg will be felt forever.  I feel fortunate to have known him and hope that I can ultimately have as great an impact as Tom on an institution that gave me so much.” Jordan Sones ’10 (Gift in Memory of Thomas Mendham ’63, P’91)

"Muhlenberg has inspired me to live my dream. I have been working my dream job since the day I graduated."  Steven Tabb '09

Thank you to everyone who made a gift and contributed a comment. After months of dueling it out, we can finally officially announce that the 1990s are the winners of the Duel of the Decades challenge! In addition, two classes, the Class of 1993 and the Class of 2008 met individual challenges by increasing their participation rate. Click here for a full wrap-up of the Duel!