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We Have a Winner!

“WOW!!!!! This has been almost as exciting as watching our girls play all four years!!!” wrote one voter in the final.

That voter was not alone in her enthusiasm for the competition to determine the top women’s team in the first 50 years of coeducation at Muhlenberg.

Contests like this measure not only how successful teams were on the field or court, but also how successful they were in grabbing the hearts and minds of players, parents and fans, and how strong that hold has remained through the passage of time.

The two teams that made the final achieved high marks on all counts, as more than 2,000 votes were cast in the final. The team that came in second had a vote total that would have won almost every other contest.

“This team was very cohesive and played like a team. They exhibited the spirit of a team and it paid off in their winning season,” wrote a fan of the 2000 softball team. Another voter astutely observed that two of the players on that team have come back to the program as coaches.

“It was the season I waited for my whole life,” commented a player from the 2006 basketball team. “They were an inspiration to watch!” wrote a fan.

Both teams can be proud of their place in Muhlenberg athletic history. Congratulations to both teams:

2000 Softball
Players: Missy Arnott, Kelly Berg, Kristen Best, Christine Biechy, Lori Blanchfield, Jessica Crowley, Heather Dreby, Cristina Genna, Mindy Katz, Liz Kostelnick, Christina Loffredo, Melissa Nardi, Natalie Silverman, Angie Tyson, Meghan Woods.
Coaches: Ruth Gibbs, Mindy Baillie, Jennifer Hummel.

2006 Basketball
Players: Lauren Boyle, Stephanie Coluccini, Meghan Courtney, Bethany Enterline, Michelle Feldman, Michelle Hirst, Tiffany Kirk, Abra Like, Erin McSherry, Kristen Piscadlo, Valerie Robuck, Lacie Smith, Kaitlin Strumph, Sam Tager, Emily Wright.
Coaches: Ron Rohn, Steve Penuel, Mary Beth Bedics, Christopher Heery.