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International Trips

Muhlenberg College offers student-athletes who compete in various sports opportunities to travel overseas prior to the start of the school year. Together 24 hours a day, the players have a chance to bond with one another and build team chemistry.

Women's Basketball in France Women's Basketball
Since 2001, the Mules have traveled to Europe once every three years. At left is the team at Versailles during its 2013 trip to Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Previously, the team has visited France, Italy, Germany and Austria.

Men's Basketball
The team has taken many special trips to various countries over the during the past 20 years, including an in-season trip to Puerto Rico in December 2012 (right). The Mules' last summer excursion was to Ireland in 2009, and before that they visited Italy and Switzerland in 2006, Ireland in 2003 and Spain in 2000.
Men's Basketball in Puerto Rico

Women's Soccer in Barbados Women's Soccer
Every three summers, the Muhlenberg women's soccer team spends 12 days overseas, combining sightseeing with competition against top club teams. In 2011, the Mules took a trip to Barbados (left). In 2006, they visited England and Scotland along with the men's soccer team. Three years earlier, the team traveled to Italy, Germany and the Netherlands.

Field Hockey
The Muhlenberg field hockey team traveled to three European countries in early August 2013 (right), combining sightseeing and cultural exchange with competition. The Mules previously visited Barbados and Argentina.
Field Hockey in Europe

Men's Lacrosse in British Columbia Men's Lacrosse
The Muhlenberg men's lacrosse team took its second international trip in the summer of 2011, visiting British Columbia (left). In 2008, the Mules' trip took them to Ireland and England.


Men's Soccer
Every three summers, the Mules spend 10 days in Europe, where they train, play matches and do plenty of sightseeing. Their 2012 trip took them to Spain (right). They've also traveled to Germany, Austria, England, Scotland and Ireland.
Men's Soccer in Spain

Golf in Ireland Golf
Ten members of the Muhlenberg College men's and women's golf teams, coaches and family members embarked on a seven-day tour of Ireland in May 2006.